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Domos is partnering with the most innovative broadband technology vendors to integrate open standards and components into services providers’ offerings.

Partner Ecosystem

Software Providers

The home broadband network is seeing a revolution in next-generation capabilities thanks to the efforts of the expanded community of software vendors, hardware partners, CSPs, and the standard bodies that define the protocols that drive our solutions. Standards such as ACS/TR69 or USP/TR369 provide the essential framework for integrating data and insights generated by Domos into their products and add value to their customers. We invite CPE software vendors to reach out to us to discuss Domos technology licensing opportunities for current and future CSP deployments.

Hardware Providers

Home broadband access point, mesh router and gateway OEMs can integrate Domos Applications to bring new value to their products and better support CSP commercial strategies to develop premium broadband services. Domos works with a growing community of hardware leaders and their CSP partners to define commercial goals, business logic and user experience aligned with the CSP brand and objectives. Whether you are already deployed with a targeted CSP or looking to expand your service offerings to help propel those opportunities, the Domos team can help.

Communications Service Providers

Domos technology and applications help Communications Services Providers differentiate their home broadband offerings and introduce premium services opportunities. Powering the home broadband access point fleet with Domos Applications allows end users to customize their home broadband connectivity to always ensure the best connection for what matters most for them. CSPs can introduce Domos Tailored Network premium connectivity services or build brand loyalty among their subscribers by offering Domos Applications as part of their broadband service offerings.

Become a Licensing Partner

Domos enables bespoke services on your CPE or access point fleet, closing the gap between application needs and the network resources that deliver them.

An undisputed leader in the delivery of advanced broadband solutions for latency management and outcome control, licensing partners benefit from our experience implementing bespoke carrier grade solutions including the network x-ray agent.

To learn more about the Domos licensing model and our technology partner program, contact us via the button below.

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Domos is the leading contributor to the Quality of Outcome (QoO) framework, and a leader in network quality, latency management, and application outcomes.

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