Machine Learning for the Home with Domos

The digital home is expanding in use, technology and expectations - from both users and digital service providers. As the home grows in devices, content and services, so does the challenges in ensuring optimal quality of experience. At Domos our mission is to use machine learning to ensure a delightful quality of experience in the home - for every connected device and digital service experience.
Domos provide patent-pending machine learning algorithms that assure true Quality-of-Experience for all digital services consumed in the home. Domos’ solution leverage on existing CPEs to provide actionable insight that optimizes and stabilize in-home Wi-Fi, all through automation and machine learning algorithms. This reduces direct cost in customer care, churn and marketing spend but also creates exciting new revenue opportunities that have the potential of transforming the carriers current business model.
Partners & Research Projects

Research Institutions
We cooperate with several European academic institutions and industry research projects, including a separate PhD program with the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Oslo. Researchers value our partnership as we have unique insight and access to data from in-home networks “in the wild”. New ideas can be deployed and tested at scale in a matter of weeks. We are always open to new research collaborations. Please contact for more information.
FU5ION (EU industry research project)
FU5ION is a European industry research project focused under the Eureka / Celtic umbrella. Broadband access, in-home communication and Wi-Fi are three separate technologies that must become one system managed by the operator so that the users’ services can work flawlessly. This new system should be capable of carrying 5G-services. Standardization is required and parts of that has started. The FU5ION project is to drive this process. We help drive the Wi-Fi side of the project.
Broadband Forum
The Broadband Forum is the non-profit industry organization that set the relevant industry standards for broadband in general. We see that effective standards are key to scale our machine learning technologies so we are an active member of the Broadband Forum, participating in several projects to make new industry standards that will improve the connected experiences in the home, and enable services to be leveraged on the CPEs.