network x-ray

Revolutionising ISP network visibility with unparalleled application performance insights.

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The challenges ISPs face

Whether your users are working, playing, learning, or streaming, network performance should be evaluated through the lens of the users' experience with the applications they use.

Learn why separating network quality from app context is outdated
CTO Challenge

In their mission to establish a robust ecosystem of in-home products, CTOs face the challenge of obtaining indepth insights into the entire chain of network, devices, and applications. Currently, they confront a dilemma: how to handle the increasing demand for reliable application performance using analytics based on partial insights that often only exist within silos and fail to correlate with specific application outcomes. This fragmented approach limits their teams’ ability to gain a clear understanding of the specific network segments and bottlenecks responsible for degrading application outcomes, customer experience, and overall satisfaction.

CCO Challenge

CCOs face the challenge of going to market with highly relevant consumer products which will create new opportunities for revenue growth. Yet, this remains difficult without a complete understanding of consumer behaviour in relation to their network services and the actual performance of the service. These factors are essential for making well-informed decisions concerning commercial development, product offerings, pricing strategies, targeted marketing, upselling, customer retention, and competitiveness.

Customer Care Challenge

Customer care agents manage customer queries through omni-channel flows, but often lack critical end-to-end insight into the nature of the issues and their root causes, especially as they should relate to the specific applications end users use. Without application insight, agents are unable to understand user actions and how they are experiencing applications on their network. This, in turn, makes it challenging to provide genuinely tailored customer service and may lead to increased operational costs.

CNO Challenge

Network operators make investments in network technologies without insights into, or understanding of, the expected returns of small and large CapEx investment in their network infrastructure, creating uncertainty, potentially suboptimal resource allocation.

network x-ray at a glance

network x-ray offers service providers across all access network technologies – cable, fiber, DSL, mobile – the ability to:


Know when an end user experiences a network problem.


Understand the root cause.


Gain the ability to act to fix the root cause.

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From the user perspective

network x-ray measures your network quality in the background. With a real-time view of your network quality, as well as tips to improve it, you can use network x-ray to find a good internet connection before an important call.

Take action to improve your network before the meeting

network x-ray measures your network quality in real-time and shows you how it will affect your video call experience.

Monitor and share network quality during the meeting

Who is most likely to have a bad video call? Find out with the network x-ray sharing feature.

Get network diagnostics for personalised network enhancement

If your ISP supports network x-ray diagnostics, you can get personal and direct guidance for network improvement.

Evaluating network quality in application context

network x-ray's advanced capabilities, Quality of Outcome (QoO) analysis, root cause analysis, and application insight, uncover every root cause while always considering the application’s perspective.

network x-ray for Customer Care

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network x-ray for CCOs

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network x-ray for CTOs

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network x-ray for CNOs

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