Domos Work

The only in-app network mastery solution for uninterrupted work experiences.

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No more app-switching for support

Domos Work provides users with direct access to their ISP self-help tools and offerings from within the Teams app. No other solution offers this level of integration and convenience.

Key features

Network in the Context of Teams
From “43ms jitter to “What is the likelihood of this Teams call maintaining perfect quality without any noticeable degradation.

Recommendations for Teams
Offer unique in-app recommendations to enhance user network quality for specific Teams calls.

Have full control over which recommendations are presented to users, alignment with your preferences and policies.

Interface Authority
Maintain complete control over all in-app communication and links, ensuring seamless solution selection and management.

Improve Your Work-From-Home Brand

Become the go-to ISP for remote workers and even get employer recommendations.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Jumpstart your project with pre-built layouts such as headers, footers, and more.

New Revenue Stream

Unlock new revenue streams from work-from-home offerings, and guide users to the upsell opportunities that will improve their Teams sessions.

Domos is the leading contributor to the Quality of Outcome (QoO) framework, and a leader in network quality, latency management, and application outcomes.

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