The erratic nature of Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi is shared over open radio waves, causing a naturally flooded environment where everyone shares the same air. In every home and neighbourhood there can be hundreds, even thousands of devices affecting the air that we share. Problem is - nobody can manage it.
Causing chaos in everyday life.
Imagine Wi-Fi as highway with only one lane. It needs to handle traffic for both directions. And it is open for cars, bikes, pedestrians, animals, tractors and joggers. But nobody is regulating the traffic.
The answer lies within.
There is only one way to handle this chaos. Big data can discover deep patterns in the data from inside the home. Only this way can you be able to regulate and control the environment. As access to radio waves is always inconstant, the data must be analyzed and managed in real-time.
Introducing AI to Wi-Fi.
Analyzing huge amounts of data then separate, identify, diagnose and correct patterns by the minute is no human task. It’s what AI is built to do.

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