Deep Customer Insight
While learning the environment, our algorithm will decode all in-home digital activity that connects through the router and onto the internet. Understanding the patterns of this digital activity means understanding your customer. This understanding translates to business value in a number of ways, but the number one opportunity it brings is enabling individualised and personalised communication and care for each and every of one your customers. All provided for by the algorithm.
Self-Optimising Systems
Nobody wants to be the IT or Network Manager in the home. It is the perfect job to be automated. Our algorithm does just that by monitoring all five layers of the stack, and optimise both the router configurations and the larger environmental factors like underperforming devices, greedy apps or services, deviations on the fixed access network, and even monitoring the cloud services where the apps get their content.

Our algorithm will either address the problem directly or provide customer care with actionable insight to assist or explain.
Excellent Customer Care
No matter how good the optimisation algorithm, some customers will still need support. Our algorithm feeds Customer Support with instant diagnostics and actionable recommendations, easily integrated into your existing customer care tool. Customer Support reps can resolve the issue quickly, call handling times are reduced as are expensive repeat calls and CPE gateway replacements and truck rolls avoided. And best of all, the customer will really appreciate getting accurate answers and advice.
New Upsell Opportunities
Deep customer insight, great customer care and seamless user experiences create opportunities for focused and personalised upsell opportunities. You can start with targeted marketing of your existing products and service portfolio, and gradually expand into new value added services that are integrated and monitored by the algorithm. Please feel free to contact us directly for more details.

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