We have designed our technology to make it as easy as possible for Internet Service Providers to gain access to it. The algorithm is natively hosted on the most professional cloud services, and support open interfaces (APIs) both to the router/gateway and to the end user / business applications. Almost all existing routers can easily support the API to at least some meaningful degree. The routers are typically made compatible through over-the-air updates without any end customer involvement.
Open, dynamic API model
The Domos algorithm is most easily consumed as a cloud service, support by open and standard APIs both “southbound” (to the router / gateway) and “northbound” (to apps or data lakes). With this open and flexible system design the algorithm can be “plugged” into virtually every existing router and OSS/BSS portal that exists in the market.
API documentation is always available and kept up to date through domos.io
The algorithm is built natively and optimised for Microsoft Azure, but the core code can be wrapped in containers and ported to other hosted cloud services or deployed on-premise.
Hardware Manufacturers
Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) providers can easily turn their products Domos-compatible. This will give their offering towards ISPs a definitive edge via being able to offer the full Domos’ benefits out-of-the-box to their ISP customers. Domos offers an open cloud API along with reference code and detailed instructions to the CPE OEMs. Please contact sales@domos.no for more information.
System Integrators
Domos works in close collaboration with major system integrators (SI) and management & technology consulting providers. Domos complements the ISP specific offering of these partners with its AI/ML based offering. Domos can support the partners throughout a customer case lifecycle - from sales to delivery & operation- via its expertise, technology and products. Please contact sales@domos.no for more information.
Business and Operations Software Providers
ACS and OSS providers now have a significant strategic opportunity to help ISPs make their current installed base Domos compatible, giving them a huge differentiation over their competitors in servicing existing ISPs and winning new customers. Please contact sales@domos.no for more information.
Research Institutions
We already cooperate with several European academic institutions and research projects, and also support an internal PhD program. Researchers value our partnership as we have a unique insight and access to data in the wild. Typically new ideas can be deployed and tested in scale in a matter of weeks. We are always open to new research collaboration, and also interested in participating in academic co-publishing if relevant to our individual researchers focus. Please contact research@domos.no for more information.

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