“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”
- W. Edwards Deming
Wi-Fi is by nature unstable. And every home represents a uniquely different Wi-Fi environment. Every electronic device or neighbouring network can pollute the local Wi-Fi, every wall can be a hurdle. And, as demand is naturally “bursty”, conditions are typically changing from second to second.
This is why the traditional method of diagnosing Wi-Fi doesn’t work. Analysing a snapshot of data - or even deploying a service rep - can only analyse the conditions present at that moment in time. To properly manage the Wi-Fi quality, data must be continuously measured and analysed over time so that each pattern can be diagnosed and the polluter can be identified.
Domos does this. Every second we measure the local Wi-Fi quality, as well as the underlying environmental factors. We know the state of Wi-Fi quality overall, we know what factors are behind the issues, and we know when and how there are changes from the normal pattern. If the local Wi-Fi is chronically unstable, or if something new happened that just made it stop working - Domos provides full visibility. And we will know what’s causing it, whether it was your neighbour's Wi-Fi, bad signal on a device or radio noise pollution.
Understanding what is happening is the key to solving it. Once we have a diagnosis we can take or suggest an action. The actions range from automatically changing settings on the local router to notifying ISP engineers, support personnel or even the end user to make them aware of how the problem can be fixed.
After taking action we keep measuring and monitoring, new actions are taken when remaining or new issues are identified. This continues on an endless cycle, ensuring every Wi-Fi in every home is always managed and optimised.

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