Decreased number of calls to Customer Services
An ever-increasing number of Wi-Fi-reliant devices are causing the current growth in the number of broadband and Wi-Fi related calls to customer services.
The lion’s share of these calls are related to problems that Domos is able to fix. Either automatically or with the self-service functionality provided to the customer within the Domos App. Using AI and the Cloud to recognise and solve these Wi-Fi issues significantly decreases the number of calls to customer services.
Reduction in Call Handling Times
Enabling customer service representatives with access to live and historical information of each router and its associated devices, significantly decreases call handling times.
Customer service representatives receive all relevant data from the router, and advice from the AI on specific issues discovered with proactive solutions.
Enhanced End-User Experience
The average customer’s Wi-Fi speed increases through these proactive solutions applied within the router.
This improvement in performance leads to more loyal customers, less churn and an increase in NPS.
Available to existing and new routers
Over the Air (OTA) downloads enable the Domos solution to be applied without capex to your existing customer base.
This remarkable improvement in performance significantly prolongs the life of existing routers and enables existing customers to benefit.
Data intelligence
Dynamic performance information of the ISP network is provided for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
This data will help ISP’s analyse and maintain their services. The statistics and big data can be valuable assets to marketing or BI teams.
Self Service App
The App opens a new channel for customers to self service and troubleshoot problems with direct communication with their ISP.
It also allows the customer to manage their home network and benefit from VAS such as parental controls and security.

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